The Keys To Being A Male Dancer

Determination, Confidence, & Self-Control are Key to Male Dancing

This post was guest blogged by Johnny J.  He has been a Chicago Male Dancer for eight months now and has learned alot already in his short time in this business.  He is working while also pursuing his masters degree in English.  We are thankful to have him join on as a contributor to our site :)

I’ve been male dancing for eight months, and I feel like every week I learn something new…Continue reading

Have a Safe and Happy New Year

We just wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year a few hours early and to say be careful out there, whether you’re working as an Exotic Male Dancer or celebrating.  To all the best in 2017, see you next year :)

Forums are NOW OPEN

After a little bit further tweaking over the weekend, we are ready to open our Exotic Male Dancer forums to everyone!  We hope they are a useful resource for everyone to learn and benefit from.  However, one great feature that sets our forums apart from any other exotic dancer forum is the ability for YOU to make money from them!  Whenever you post a new thread on the Josh

Sunday Exotic Male Dancing Vids – Last of 2017!

With this being the final week of the year, it’s fitting we end the year with our final set of pole dancing vids.  Nothing super extraordinary about this set, just a couple we liked and wanted to share with you.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and finish the year strong!

Amazing New Additions Coming to

Well, it’s been a hectic week with the holidays falling right in the middle of the week.  And during the time spent with family and friends, we’ve found time to start implementing a couple new features that will be debuting before the end of the year.  These include the addition of the Josh&Chandra Exotic Male Dancer Forums and the Josh&Chandra Stripper Wiki.

Forums.  These are almost completed and will enable all readers to post questions…Continue reading

Happy Holidays from

We would like to extend warm holiday wishes to you and your families.  Please stay safe if you are travelling and take the time to enjoy this holiday with people who truely matter most in your life.

p.s. If you are logging in today, we have a special Christmas gift for you.  Both of our Exotic Dancers e-books are on sale for only $4.99 each.  That’s $10.00 for both!  Happy Holidays… Continue reading

The Best of 2017 From

2017 was an interesting year for everyone.  The housing and financial markets imploded, Donald Trump for president was elected in the United States, gas prices plummeted from their high, the first “pregnant man”, and went live to help all Exotic Male Dancer make money.  While some of these things are irrelevant, we think we mentioned the best last (ok gas being less then half of what it was is freakin… Continue reading

Sunday Male Dancing Videos – Christmas Edition 2017

With the holidays literally right around the corner, we though today would be a great day to get in the mood and post some holiday themed pole dance vids.  And if you usually just stop by to check out the video’s on Sundays, take a few minutes to look around.  There are many new features and additions on you may have missed.  Some of the Exotic Male Dancer highlights include our new… Continue reading

Going into the Weekend

We wish everyone continues success as they follow the suggestions provided here on  Believe in yourself and remember to LOOK BUSY while you stay busy.  The more you appear in demand the more you will be.  That’s one of the simplest “Laws” of dancing.  Be safe and make a great weekend for yourself!…Continue reading

New Stripper FAQ on

In keeping up with helping all dancers, from the newbie to the veteran, we are also focusing on those ladies who are maybe just curious about dancing and want to know more about it.  In doing so, we’ve created a new Stripper Frequently Asked Questions page.  It is located in the top menu bar of every page you visit on our blog.  If you have additional questions you… Continue reading