Tanning and the Exotic Male Dancer

Tanning and the Exotic Male Dancers

Many men in this business do tan.  The reasons for doing so are various, but include a healthier glow, boost self esteem, and possibly clearer skin.  Of course there are more reasons, but that’s not the point of this article, as we have discussed a bit of this in an earlier article which can be found here.  The point is how to tan safely and protect your skin and keep from burning.

Your mom prolly told you that sunburns are bad, and with skin cancer gracing the headlines frequently the last few years we know it to be true.  But what can you do to avoid all the bad things that can come with a nice tan?  Well first, don’t get burned.

If you are just going to be outside doing yard work, cover yourself up completely, and use a sunscreen on all exposed areas.  When you do tan just for that purpose, you don’t need to be out there for hours doing so.  Reapply your sunscreen frequently, at least every two hours, and give your skin a break by finding some shade for part of the time you are out.  Also, use aloe on your skin after exposure to repair any damage that may have occured, even if you know you haven’t burned.

There are more things you should do and there are many great free resources online to learn more.  We recently wrote an article for eHow on how you can protect yourself from the negative effects of tanning and you can read it HERE.  We appreciate you checking it out and hope you learn something new and useful.

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