One of the Easiest Ways to Make More Money Male Stripping

One of the Easiest Ways to Make More Money Stripping As A Male Dancer

When you go to workm for male dancers, you always hope that nite will be better then the last.  Hoping it will be better isn’t going to make it better, however.  Only you have the power to make it that way, and we’re going to share one of the best kept secrets on how to consistently bank BIG everynite you go to work.  This method is used by many top earners, including Chandra… Continue reading

Announcement from Josh and Chandra

We just wanted to take a quick moment and let everyone know the great news we recently just found out.  We our happy to announce Chandra is pregnant with our first child!  We are excited and overwhelmed (in a completely great way :) ) and wanted to share our happiness with you.  The next few weeks and months should definately be a learning experience, as we are also in the midst of… Continue reading

Sunday Pole Dancing Video’s – December 7

After being on the road the last few days with limited internet access, (our hotel sucked!) we are back home and have found a couple different pole dancing vids to keep you entertained until our next post.  So enjoy!

Brand New E-book, “The Successful Stripper” from

For the last couple weeks, our posting here on JoshAndChandra has been a little less frequent then normal.  Please don’t think we’ve forgetten about you.  Actually we’ve been hard at work creating a brand new e-book for you to become an even more greater success at work then you already are.

The Successful Stripper e-book is now complete and available for download.  And what exactly will you… Continue reading

Sunday Pole Dancing Vids – Nov 30 Edition

We found a couple fresh new vids to share with you that had a couple different moves from what we’ve already posted.  We hope you enjoy them and are back from the holidays.  We hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving.  Unfortunately our family didn’t have internet access at their house (hint, hint grandma) so we weren’t able to update the site since last weekend.  It’s nice to be back home… Continue reading

New Addition to

We’ve decided to add a few fun photos of us to let you really feel like you have a chance to get to know us.  We don’t hide behind a curtain of secrecy online.  We use our actual real names on here and detail our real experiences of what works and what doesn’t.  You can always see a few of the photos on the blog’s right sidebar, or visit our photo page… Continue reading

Pole Dancing Videos – DON’T Do This at Work Edition

Here’s a few vids we found of pole dancing gone wrong lol.  Check them out and enjoy the upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday week.  And as always, keep hustling at work.Btw, if you appear in any of these videos, we hope you had a speedy recovery ;)Continue reading

Keeping In Perspective What Drives Us to Succeed

Everyone has a different motivation for going to work.  It doesn’t matter if your job is a dancer, truck driver, or a doctor.  There is something that drives you to get up and out the door to work everyday that you do.  You can argue it’s just to keep a roof over your head or food in your belly, but is that all you really aspire for?

It’s true that money… Continue reading

Check Out the Updated About Page at JoshAndChandra

I recently updated a little info on our About page here at and also added a new feature where you can see what other social networks we belong to and a link to follow us there also if you choose to. We love getting new friends so add us!…Continue reading

Mid-November Pole Dancing Vid

Found an interesting clip from a competition in France.  We found it mildly entertaining and thought we would share it with you.