Stripper FAQ’s

After receiving more then a fair share of the same questions new male dancers inquire about, we have decided to create our own Frequently Asked Questions section.   It has been specifically designed to help new dancers or even those thinking about  male dancing, and presented in a fashion that nobody will feel embarrassed asking.  Here it is.

1.  How much money do Exotic Male Dancers make?  This is a bit of a loaded question as no two dancers will equal the same week after week.  You first have to view the job of Exotic Male Dancing as a business and being self-employed.  You can’t just show up and make a ton of money.  You have to first buy a travelling bag, a padlock, and countless other small items before you can even consider yourself a dancer.  However, once you have all these things, you can begin to ask what you should expect to earn.  This will vary, sometimes greatly, from guy to guy.  We would say on AVERAGE a guy would make between $150 to $175 a night.  This takes into consideration the slower week nights mixed in with the usually busier weekends.  Please note we’ve known men who average less then $100 a night all the time and some guys who make no less then $400 a night no matter what.  What you make will depend entirely on how focused you are, your sales ability, and to some degree the look you present.  Some men are born hustlers while others never seem to learn what it’s all about even with all the coaching in the world.  The short answer would be you could make anywhere from $50 a night up to $2000 a night.  Just realize the former is closer to the norm then the latter, especially when you are first starting out.

2.  What am I expected to do as an Exotic Dancer?  Exotic Dancers are male entertainers, plain and simple.  That is what you are expected to do.  Depending on the club you work at, this could entail dancing in a underwear, or even nude.  Part of that will depend on the club you choose and part will depend on local or state laws.  Exotic male dancers normally will perform on stage, which may involve pole work.  They may be required to work the floor by providing table or lap dances, and they are almost always required to perform private dances – a type of lap dance that is performed in a designated room, such as a couch room, VIP room, or Champagne room.  Some clubs also might expect you to help sell drinks for the clubs, which they then usually compensate you for also.  You are NOT required to perform any sexual or illegal acts during your time in the club as an Exotic Male Dancer.  You are a performer, not a prostitute.

3.  How do I apply for a job at a Male Strip Club?  There are a couple ways to get started dancing at a club or male revue.  One way is to stop at the club and ask if they have an Amateur Night.  This is a relatively safe way to experience what a couple minutes in the life of an exotic male dancer is all about.  This will also give you an opportunity to see other Exotic male Dancers at their job and what they do.  If your local club doesn’t offer an Amateur Night, and it’s a smaller club, you could ask the general manager a few questions about the club and see if they would let you try it out some time during the week, preferably on a slower night.  If this still doesn’t work out for you, you may have to travel a bit or make some phone calls to other clubs in the general area and see what they say about it.  There isn’t any resume you have to provide, at least not at small to medium size clubs, and the larger chain clubs will likely require more then a little experience to be considered for working there.

4.  How do I give a lap dance?  A lap dance is performed by dancing in front of the customer sensually and seductively.  You want to trigger the customers senses through sight, smell, whispering/talking, and light touching.  Depending on the rules of the club, you may have to be clothed or possibly topless when you do lap dances, if they allowed at all.  It is something that is better learned through practice and experience, rather then something that is described with words.  If you go to a club, get a lap dance from the busiest male dancer there, and you will begin to see what a good lap male dance encompasses.

5.  Where can I get dance clothes from?  There are various places on the internet that offer shoes and costumes for exotic male dancers, and one of the best places is JoshAndChandra.com!  Our MarketPlace Page offers great deals that is constantly updated 24 hours a day.

6.  Where can I find Strip Clubs that are close to me to work at?  One of the largest resources online for finding Male revue Clubs is StripClubList.com.  They provide a comprehensive list of clubs, state by state, along with reviews of the clubs and what type of club it is (bikini, topless, or nude).  The site does contain Adult Ads and Banners, so we wouldn’t advise checking the site at work.

7.  Am I safe working as an Exotic Male Dancer?  Depending on your definition of “safe” you likely aren’t going to be comfortable as a male dancer if you have paranoid tendencies.  Most clubs do employ security guards/bouncers that for the most part do their job.  However, you will be groped, fondled, fingers jabbed in bad places, constantly bombarded with requests for your phone number, customers sometimes lurking outside after work so they can “talk” to you.  You create a fantasy for customers at work and there will be those customers who can’t distinguish reality from fantasy.  These will be the one you need to worry about.  You will also be working in an environment and lifestye that also readily accepts alcohol and drug use.  You must always be your own person and if those things are not something you would usually do, don’t do them just because it is happening in front of you at work.  Being intoxicated is a great way of inviting bad events to come into your life.

8.  Can I trust everyone that I will be working with?  NO.  The truth is you should never trust ANYBODY in this business as there will always be people looking to take advantage of your situation.  If you are new, other men dancers might steal from you.  Bouncers and bartenders will hit on you and try and sleep with you.  Customers will try and get away with more then they are allowed to.  And the club itself will try and take more and more of your hard earned money away if you don’t call them on it.  Not everyone who works in this business is bad, but there are the ones out there who look for every chance to take advantage of someone.  The unfortunate thing is we never know who these people are until it’s too late.  That’s why it’s safer to assume everyone will try and screw you if given the chance.  That’s why you must be vigilant and not give anyone that chance.

9.  Where can I find more information on becoming a male stripper?  Read our blog here at JoshAndChandra.com, Check out our eBooks on Exotic Male Dancing HERE, and read an article on just this topic, written by us HERE at eHow.com.