Exotic dancer set on fire outside LA bar

LOS ANGELES – An exotic dancer was set on fire outside the club where she worked early Thursday, burning more than 60 percent of her body, police said. They were searching for two suspects. A woman and a man called the 27-year-old dancer outside around 1 a.m. and then doused her with a flammable liquid next to the Babes & Beer

Why Tipping the DJ Can Mean a Better Night at Work

For girls that work at clubs with dj’s announcing, you know that either he can be a great guy or a real asshole.  You also may wonder why you tip him out every night, along with the countless other employess at the club, when he’s there just doing his job like you.  However, have you ever thought about the fact that HE (or she as the case may be) also…

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This is How to Still Bank on Slow Nights

Monday and Tuesday this week was DEAD at the club I’ve been working at the last few months.  Like the slowest I’ve yet to ever see it.  However, I still walked out with a little over $250 each night.  This is one of the lowest amounts I’ve taken home from this club, BUT more then a few of the girls took home around $50 for a full nights work.  That’s…

Pole Dancing Video’s Are Back! And New Exotic Dancer Ultimate E-Book Package Available!

After more then a few emails wondering what happened to the weekly pole dancing videos, we have decided to bring them back!  Here are a couple we found that we liked, although the camera work is more then a little shaky on the second vid.  But the performer is very graceful and fluid none-the-less. Also, to help jump start a weak economy, we have created an amazing deal we call the… Continue reading