Dealing with Female Customers at Work

Dealing with Female Customers at Work

This topic comes up more frequently depending on the club you are working at.  Some clubs are more strict on allowing female customers in, while some clubs impose zero restrictions.  Regardless, there seems to occasionally be a female customer or two that is rude and obnoxious to the dancers.  How you decide to deal with it, will determine if you go home with all the money you should be.

When a rude female customer, or even group of them, is in the club, it can be EXTREMELY difficult to not walk over and lay one across the side of head with your 7″ heel, but you need to realize that won’t win you any more private dances.  Customers already know they are being rediculous, and they didn’t come to see you blow up on a girl patron.  The male customers came to see you and all the other dancers that are working that night.  So, carry on as business as usual as far as making your money.

However, DO say something to your bouncers and to the manager on duty.  Do NOT scream at them for letting it go on.  They might be oblivious to what’s going on (we know it’s hard to believe but not everyone is a master at observing what’s REALLY going on at the front lines).  Rather, let them know that the rude female customers are making it very hard for you AND the other girls to do your jobs, and that it is potentially causing the club to lose money as well.  When they hear it phrased in that fashion, they should take a stronger interest in taking care of the problem at hand and either tell the female custies to settle down or escort them out of the club.

After you’ve told the staff of the problem, go back to work.  You need to have some of the thickest skin around to even be in this business, and letting a couple or even a few rude customers, regardless of gender, ruin what could have potentially been a great night is unforgivable.  Continue doing what you are supposed to do and that’s sell dances.  Customers pay for expensive drinks and door fees just to be around you and to have fun with the strippers, not witness a brawl that should be televised on some low life reality show.  Be the bigger person overall, it makes you look soo much more appealing to the real customers, and they might buy more dances from you to help them escape the drama on the floor.

Female customers that are out of control need to be handled the same way you should be handling ANY negative influence in your life.  Find a way to eliminate it as quickly as possible.  Going over to the girl customers yourself will yield very little except for name calling, screaming, and possibly a fight.  You’ll get in trouble with management, and the real customers there won’t find you any more attractive then you were before the confrontation, more then likely they’ll stay away from you.  INSTEAD, go to the club staff that will rectify the situation ASAP.  Never add to a problem, just do what it takes to solve it immediately.

In the end though, we realize there are clubs that let things like this go on all the time.  If the club staff where you work does not help your situation out and make it the best work environment for you and the other dancers on a consistent basis, you probably should be looking for a different club to be working at anyway.  If you would like to learn more on how to bank every night at work, regardless of the problems that may arise, check out our new e-book package that will teach you how to confront and tackle any issue in the club and still walk home with wads of cash.  You can learn more HERE.

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