Best Exotic Male Dancer Tips

The Best Exotic Dancer Tips

People have different likes and dislikes in all types of music.   When you think of music to dance to at work, what do you think of? I’m a very eclectic person when it comes to the songs in my set.   I love rock, reggae, hip-hop, old jazz, and 80′s hair band music. When you pick something to dance to at work, pick something that makes you smile and be happy. …
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Contagious Diseases at Work

Talking to a lot of dancers at work this last weekend made me realize that there are a lot of comunicable diseases that you could catch just from working with girls who don’t take care of themselves. We had a girl quit this last week because her staph infection turned into MRSA. She didn’t treat her staff because she didn’t know what it was. A couple of the other girls also came…
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First Impressions are Everything

 The following article was guest blogged by Jenna, an exotic dancer relatively new to the business but learning the ropes fast.   She has also written a past article you can visit here.

Remember the saying, “first impressions are everything?”  In the exotic dancing industry, this famous

What Do You Feel Sexy In?

Here’s a post for you ladies to leave some comments on.   I want you to tell me what you feel the sexiest in at work.  It’s like a lingerie party online.  Lol.  Be completely honest cause it’s no fun if you lie.

I feel the sexiest when I just wear a tank top, t-bar and some legwarmers.  And my heels of course.  I also feel really sex in my black…

Letting Your Employer Know That You’re Going to Miss Work BEFORE You Do.

Letting your employer know that you are going to miss work before it happens is a very good working moral. It’s a good moral to have in general because you are essentially running your own business and are self-employed. It also builds a trust between you and your employer and lets him know that you are a reliable employee. That also lets him know that he can count on you…

Personal Update on Chandra and Josh

This past week wasn’t a good one for us.  Chandra unfortunately had a complication and we have lost the pregnancy.  She had to have a DNC on Friday and with Josh working we haven’t had much time for anything except each other during this trying time.  We appreciate everyone’s concerns and well wishes.

Also, we have resolved some of the display issues of the blog for some of our readers using older…
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2017 – What Goals Have You Set for Yourself?

It’s a brand new year.  And with a new year usually comes new year resolutions.  While it seems a bit cliche or boring, it is an important facet of trying to make sure this year is better then the last.  Here are couple things we think you should consider for your new year resolutions if you haven’t done so yet.Get in Shape.  This is a common one for many…
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Article on How to Successfully Become a Stripper or Exotic Dancer

Recently we published an article on detailing how to get started as an Exotic Dancer.  If you are interested in this subject or want to see what we wrote, visit the article HERE.  Also, if you think we left something out, leave us a reply below and let us know what we forgot.  OH, and if you think it’s a good article, give it five stars lol! …
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What Being a Successful Stripper Really Means

Today we wanted to take a minute to define what makes a Successful Stripper.  Is it being the best dancer at the club?  Is it having a nice house, car, and clothes?  Is it just being happy in general?  Let’s take a look at want actually would make a Successful Stripper.

First, there’s two words in the phrase “Successful Stripper.”  The first one is “successful.”  What makes someone a success?  Like…
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