Bachelorette Party Dancing in a New Club or Environment

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Dancing in a New Club or Environment

Working in a new club is exactly like moving a bachelorette party business into a new marketplace.  You’ll be faced with new challenges that weren’t in front of you previously, but your perseverence through these situations will set you apart from others.  And one of the biggest obstacles you will face is the local competition for bachelorette parties.

Competition is actually a good thing.  But those who’ve been in that market you are moving into do not… Continue reading

The Lonely Stripper

Ever see the girl at the club who sits at the bar or a table by herself?  She’s the one who looks completely disinterested in everything going on around her, and she might even have a scowl on her face.  She’s the loneliest bachelorette party dancer in the room.  She can be the most physically beautiful girl in the club, but it’s because she does this that she doesn’t make any money.  She blames… Continue reading

2 Sure Ways to Always Have a Good Night at Work

Have you ever just dreaded going to work one nite (or almost every nite)?  I think we all have been there at some time or another.  But what if I said that you actually have the ability to determine whether it’s an enjoyable experience or just another lousy one?  Well surprise(!), you really do have that power, and there are two things you should do to help make it happen.

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Sunday Male Pole Dancing Vids! Dec 14

It’s was a long week and with Christmas just around the corner it doesn’t seem like it’s going to get any better soon.  In the mean time, here’s a couple different pole dancing vids we found that we hope you enjoy.  Have a great week!

Preparing for Work Tonite

Just wanted to post a quick good luck to you and wanting you to remember that dancing is really just selling your time.  Remind the bachelorette party customer why you’re worth their time by being cordial and with great conversation.  Keep the focus on them, and lead them to dances in the conversation.  Picture yourself as the ultimate Successful Stripper and what that entails, then do it!  Make a great weekend for yourself!… Continue reading

Developing Regular Customers in the Club

Developing what dancers term “Regulars” in this business could be considered the equivelant of owning a savings bond in real life; meaning when times get tough, they’re usually guaranteed to produce some income on a consistent basis.  It’s important to have these types of dancer/customer relationships, because they will help you make money, even on the nights and weeks where it is really slim pickings in the club.  Forming these types of… Continue reading

Self Confidence: Do You Have It?

One of the keys to successful selling is self-confidence. You have to believe in quite a few things in order for the customer to be “sold” on whatever it is you are selling. You have to believe in the bachelorette party product, the value it offers, and even more, you have to believe in yourself. When you are missing one of those three pieces, you will have a tough time making consistent… Continue reading

3 Rules to Abide by When Dancing

These are the top 3 things that i see girls do at work that you should NEVER, EVER do

Number 1: Never fall for a line of bs that a customers spits at you.  No matter what they say they will give, what they’ll do for you, or how gorgeous you are, don’t listen.  All they are doing is wasting your time.  They only want to get in your pants or they…Continue reading