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Today Only!! Get a Free Copy of Our eBook “How to Make More Money in the Gentlemen’s Club” Comments Off

As a thank you to our readers, today we are offering a completely FREE unedited copy of our guide, “How to Make More Money in the Gentlemen’s Club”.  Follow the link below to Amazon to download your own free copy.

Download: “How to Make More Money in the Gentlemen’s Club”

New Method to Purchase Our eBooks and Guides; And New Lower Prices for You! Comments Off

Due to the overwhelming success of offering our newest eBook “Lap Dance: The Ultimate Guide to Being the Best Exotic Dancer” on Amazon’s Kindle Store, we are now proud to announce that ALL of our ebooks will also be offered there as well.  The great thing about Amazon’s Kindle store is that you don’t need a Kindle Device to read our books. Amazon offers a free “reader” app that allows… Continue reading

FREE FREE FREE! Go to Amazon and Download our Newest, Most Complete eBook, “Lap Dance: A Complete Guide How to be the Best Exotic Dancer” for FREE! Comments Off

Now there’s only one thing we ask from you, after you download it and read it from start to finish, please rate the ebook and leave an honest review on Amazon for us. Also, don’t be afraid to hit “like” next to the book title there if you really do like it =)

We appreciate everyone’s feedback, and it helps us going forward to provide you with the most useful and… Continue reading

The Successful Stripper’s “New” Online Store Comments Off

As you may have noticed, our Market page has been updated and has transformed into The Successful Stripper’s Store page. Over the next few weeks we will be adding more products for work that you are sure to love. You can check out our current selection of fantastic exotic dancer products by visiting the “Store” link located at the top of the site in the Navigation bar… Continue reading

FREE Brand New Ebook from The Successful Stripper!! Lap Dance: The Ultimate Guide to Being the Best Exotic Dancer Comments Off

A couple years ago, we had began working on a brand new tutorial for our readers. We wanted this new guide to be different from what we had already created, and what was already available from other reputable experts in the industry. Unfortunately, life and many other projects arose and we sidelined the project before we were ready to release it to the public. We recently came across our work… Continue reading

JoshAndChandra is Now “The Successful Stripper” Comments Off

We are pleased to announce that is now You will still be able to access the site from the url at all times.

We are also in the process of completing a new comprehensive eBook which we hope to have completed at the end of this month. And one last note, we are now offering our Free report, “The Lazy Stripper” as an easy automatic download from… Continue reading

The Insult Hustle Comments Off

This post is a bit random, but still has meaning. Have you ever had someone, a waitress, dancer, maybe even a “friend” say something completely disrespectful to you, then minutes later ask for your help? We call this the Insult Hustle. And while we don’t advise using this tactic, we bring it up to make sure you don’t find yourself doing it ever.

Some folks have very low self-esteem and sometimes… Continue reading

May Update from Josh & Chandra Comments Off

It’s been a few weeks since we’ve had a chance to post, but we can’t wait any longer to let you know what we’ve been up to.

The past 6 weeks we have been secretly working on a brand new sister site to this one here on  It’s a members only site, and dedicated exclusively for dancers who want the absolute best information available on becoming the Most Successful Dancer… Continue reading

New Poll Questions to Help You More! Comments Off

You may have noticed a new little box on the right sidebar of our blog yesterday.  This is our newest poll (we ran a few last fall), and it is designed to benefit you even more.  If there’s a topic on the list or even a few that you would like to know more on, select those topics and click vote.  After a time, we have not determined how long yet… Continue reading

Zen Stripping Part 2 Comments Off

This is the second part of a two part series dedicated to helping all dancers understand themselves better and what they can do mentally to make more money at the club.  To read the first part, “Zen Stripping Part 1″ you can do so by clicking HERE.

In our first look at the idea of Zen Stripping, we discussed things you can do right now… Continue reading

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